Print Care Instructions

Kirsteen Stewart print products have been designed to look good and last for a long time. All of our products have care labels with the universal signs for washing and drying. We always recommend following the care instructions on the label of each individual product. For further details on how to care for each print product see our recommended guidelines below.

Tote bags, clutches & purses.

Material : main body of bag – digitally printed unbleached cotton panama (with shower and stain resistant coating), lining unbleached cotton canvas handles – vegetable tanned leather.

Care :

Body of bag : sponge clean with cold water

Waxed cotton : brush off any dirt/grit and sponge with cold water only

Leather handles : wipe clean with a dry cloth only

Please note that natural wear of our leather handles will occur with prolonged use as you would expect with any leather products. This does not affect their function but adds some beautiful character.

Silk Cotton Dress/Top

Materials : Silk Cotton outer / acetate lining

Care : Dry Clean Only

Jersey Dress/Top

Materials : Cotton / Viscose Jersey

Care : Hand wash only

Silk / Cotton / Modal Scarves

Materials : As above

Care : Dry clean only

We also recommend keeping all prints especially silks out of strong or direct sunlight.

Never let a silk product become too dirty before washing as fibres can become damaged during hard scrubbing.

To avoid any water marks, never dampen or steam a silk/print product. Always dry away from heat & sunlight.

Always choose your dry cleaner carefully and let them know what has caused any stains on your print products.

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