Slow Fashion

A consideration for our production methods and our product life cycles is something which has been with us in the studio from day one.  The creative process from working on new print designs to sewing garments is something we have always enjoyed and whilst continually working to improve our skills we appreciate those who help us create and want to ensure they are treated fairly within the production of our products in addition to considering the impact of products on communities and the environment.

With higher quality garments, the time taken for a maker to skilfully craft the piece inevitably leads to a more expensive product.  By buying fewer products that are higher in value we allow a fairer distribution of retail price throughout the production chain creating a stronger cycle in production and a greater conscious in the buyer.

Our buying conscious is always to buy with the purpose that a new garment, accessory or bag is to become a permanent fixture in our wardrobe.  Styling items differently over time so they can be worn for weddings, special occasions or even in our everyday lives.  We hope that when buying a product from us it also becomes a permanent fixture in your wardrobe to be enjoyed for years to come.

‘Maybe we are no longer the industry of newness because that was taken by technology, but we’re still an industry of a man and a woman, of a thread and a needle, of fabric and a dream’  Alber Elba

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