Tokyo at Christmas

Last week I was very lucky to spend 5 days in Tokyo. I travelled over to meet new buyers based in Tokyo – to show them both ranges and encourage further sales for 2016! Having been to Tokyo the previous year during Halloween I was excited to see how the city embraced Christmas – I was not disappointed. Take a look!


December 25th is not a national holiday in Japan, although December 23rd, which is the birthdate of the present emperor, is. Although it is not an official holiday the Japanese tend to celebrate Christmas, especially in a commercial way. The buyers I spoke to said they celebrated Christmas by buying and sharing a Christmas cake with family or going to a Christmas themed party with friends.


The most innovative department store with the most interactive Christmas campaign was #Mitsukoshi.  Their window and instore displays taught you how to do the #Jenkka dance. Complete with catchy tune, simple steps and illustrative graphics – its brilliant! For more details take a look here –


And all along Ginza Yanagi Dori the big companies competed for the customers attention.

I would say #Chanel won hands down. 


Although my trip was brief and  jam-packed with meetings it was a fantastic opportunity to visit this amazing city at this time of year.

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