Pier Arts Centre Exhibition – Form & Function – Eight Orkney Makers

‘Form & Function – Eight Orkney Makers’ is on show at the PAC, however in addition to visiting the beautiful exhibition we wanted to bring the exhibition to those who can’t visit it as well as a bit more interpretation about why we choose what to exhibit.

Moodboard - knit drawings & samples

Moodboard – knit drawings & samples


Moodboard - New knit samples and developments

Moodboard – New knit samples and developments

At KS HQ, one common feature in the studio has to be our ever changing studio wall. Full of inspiration, drawings, developments, samples, colours, notes, ideas and final designs. All of our designs draw their inspiration from the same sources. There is no definite line that separates anything in the studio, it’s the opposite and it keeps looping back, always feeding back into itself whilst progressing. Taking our most recent design work gives you an insight into not just this but specifically the process behind the new designs on show.

Moodboard - Print

Moodboard – Print


Moodboard - Print detail

Moodboard – Print detail


Moodboard - Print developments

Moodboard – Print developments


New Print drawings and moodboard

New Print drawings and moodboard

Transparency in manufacturing, in particular the fashion industry has risen in awareness over the last few years after 1,134 people were killed and over 2,500 were injured when the Rana Plaza complex collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This was the day Fashion Revolution was born and it’s a cause close to our hearts. Consciousness in our industry has been at the fore of our manufacturing since we started and something we will always take into consideration. Therefore to coincide with the opening of the exhibition the same week as Fashion Revolution, we felt it was essential to show you how we make our collections. The skills, people, studios, manufacturers and work that goes into each of your products and crafts them. Combining craft with innovative approaches to design and modern advances in technology allows our collections to combine the high level of skill perfected throughout the years with our creative energy. Our passion for our products and how they are made is something we are always trying to share and therefore we couldn’t miss the chance to put together a couple of short films highlighting our favourite parts of the stories and people behind the collections. Add in a beautiful collection of tools, materials and workings to show the variety that comes together to make our products.

Flat lay - knit tools

Flat lay – knit tools


Flat lay - knit tools & materials

Flat lay – knit tools & materials


Flat lay - fashion tools

Flat lay – fashion tools


Print display with Processes Films

Print display with Processes Films


New Knitwear display

New Knitwear display

There has been a lot of product development in the studio over the last year. In addition to new colour ways of some of our favourite knitwear designs, we have added knitted jumpers and dresses for this Winter 2016 collection. With the help of Laurence Odie Knitwear Ltd in Shetland we have developed the perfect fit using bold patterns in bright colours to create a collection of garments perfect for our Scottish climate and our love of the outdoors.
Print designs have equally seen lots of development in bold uses of colour, texture and application. Core to what we do is adding creativity to our everyday lives and we wanted to highlight our latest arrivals and favourite products as more than just a garment or accessory, but a beautiful piece of art in themselves. We have loved seeing our print collection come to life in this way in particular our silk scarves.

Kirsteen Stewart Display

Kirsteen Stewart Display

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