Behind The Print


I would always consider myself as a collector as well as a designer.  This is the part of my job I enjoy the most.  I keep a diary sketchbook (which is partly in my phone, and partly in a variety of notebooks) of things that interest me.  Everyday items spark my attention – the geometry of a manhole cover, textures of concrete on my walk to work, the patterns left in sand or colours of the sky at night when I am out walking my dog.  Ultimately I have chosen to live and work somewhere which has fantastic natural beauty and colour.  My collections of photographs include a lot of skyscapes.   The seasonal changes, the sunset and rise, the turbulant storms and natural influences.  I am really lucky where I live as the colours all year round, if you really look, are outstanding; from neon seaweed, to the monochromatic skies.

blogclip2When working on a new prints, I start with the artwork, looking through my collections and notebooks for inspiration.  Usually an idea or technique has been simmering away in my head for sometime.  Sometimes the main problem can be actually finding time to work on the creative side.  And for the reason I tend to work at night and over weekends, covering the kitchen table with stacks of samples.  When I begin to experiment it has become, over time, more of a mixed media approach with photography, sketches, painting and any creative form of mark making.  I love using inks that blend together, dried dyes on wet paper, acrylic paints and nail varnish as they hold their true vibrant colour when combined.

When I have a collection of samples that excite me and I feel will excite others I then test these out on fabrics.  This is something that has fascinated me over the years – how the designs will look when it’s  printed onto silk/cotton/chiffon, what about embossed into leather, embroidered or knitted. I love challenging the medium and this is a process that will continue as my work progresses.  The current range consists of a line of garments made with a cotton silk blend and jersey – I love the handle and the wearability of these fabrics.  The accessories include silk modal blend scarves (again the drape works well), canvas and leather bags, clutches and purses made for durability and how the fabrics take the colour.

Ultimately what I aim to do through my collections is bring creativity and colour to our everyday lives.  I have a real passion for colour and pattern and my intention is to bring some individuality and fun to your wardrobe. Simple, wearable silhouettes are the perfect canvas for prints. Painter Kiff Holland said ‘Colour creates, enhances, changes, reveals and establishes the mood of the painting’   Swap the the word painting for the word wearer and apply this to what you choose to put on in the morning.