Fashion Revolution

Fashion Revolution Week is a campaign that encourages millions of people to ask brands, ‘Who made my clothes’ by using the hashtag #whomademyclothes.

The campaign is held on the 24th April every year, as this is the date of when the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh collapsed and killed and injured over 1, 138 workers on site. The purpose of the campaign is to raise awareness of all aspects of the fashion supply chain from the way our clothes are sourced, produced and purchased and to demand greater transparency within fashion garment production.

Here at Kirsteen Stewart HQ we believe in treating people as we wish to be treated.  We want to take care of our environment for future generations to enjoy. We believe in creativity and innovation and how working to create profit can benefit a community. We believe that fashion can and should be a force for good.

So ask us #whomademyclothes and we can tell you.

Nimbus Tote Bag

Our Nimbus bag – Fabric printed in Scotland, Handles made in Scotland, Bag stitched in Scotland

floccus scarf

Our floccus scarf – Printed and stitched in Italy




Our sundew dress – Printed in Scotland. Made in London

The team:)

But that’s not all.  We try to keep things local.  We photograph our collections in Scotland working with our amazing photograhers Sarah, Alannah and Kristen, using Scottish models including Fern, Sian and Monica.  All our lookbooks and swing tags are put together in Scotland.  We see this as part of our story,  part of our heritage and we want to create opportunities for young people and local businesses where we can.  This impacts our community and in the long term that what matters to us.


So think about it – what can I do today to start a fashion revolution.  Every step no matter how small makes a difference.  The power you have is the power of choice when supporting brands.  So start today.  Make a difference.  The future is in our hands.

Find out more about Fashion revolution –

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