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This autumn, Kirsteen Stewart will launch her new collection working in collaboration with the Archaeology Institute at the University of the Highlands and Islands.


Orcadian designer Kirsteen Stewart began working with Archaeologist, Dan Lee in 2016 using GPS mapping equipment to track favourite coastal walks and well-trodden routes throughout Orkney. These mappings created line drawings, which Kirsteen then shaped and combined with elemental colour palettes to great a range of fabrics to use in collections of clothing and accessories.


Commenting on the collection Kirsteen said ‘Orkney is a place of history and heritage, great natural beauty and wild weather. But we want to introduce you to another side of these memorable islands. The beauty and inspiration that is everyday life, reworked to create something new and fresh’


Designer Kirsteen Stewart currently stocks her products in the UK, Europe and Japan.


Collection Launch Date: 1st September 2017

More information about this collection is available at:




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