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All of our gifts can be gift wrapping for free!  Simply tick the gift wrapping box when ordering and let us do the rest.

Below we have picked some of your favourite print designs and the various products that are available now for Christmas.

Inspired by the blur and glow of artificial light as we travel from North to South, Lumen print is a beautiful print available in purses or silk scarves.

Above from left – Lumen Purse – £17.50, Lumen Silk Scarf – £65

Living on a small group of islands here on Orkney, we are continually inspired by the sea.  Sea Deep print is inspired by the flow of the North Sea.  Available now in our beautiful clutch bags, silk scarves & silk dresses.

Above from left – Sea Deep Clutch – £40, Sea Deep Silk Scarf – £65,  Sea Deep Silk Dress – £198

Inspired by the surf at the Bay of Skaill, Sea Blue is a rich print available in silk scarves & silk dresses.

Above from left – Sea Blue Silk Scarf – £65, Sea Blue Silk Dress – £198

Winter brings dark skies often filled with the stunning Aurora Borealis and the opportunity for some stunning star gazing.  Stars print is inspired by the beauty in our winter skies is available in purses, silk scarves & silk dresses.

Above from left – Stars Purse – £17.50, Stars Silk Scarf – £65, Stars Silk Dress – £198



Swirling, abstract shapes of frozen water inspire the beautiful Sea Glaze print available in clutch bags, silk scarves & silk dresses.  This striking monochrome print is makes it easy to wear & accessorise with any outfit.

Above from left – Sea Glaze Clutch – £40, Sea Glaze Silk Scarf – £65, Sea Glaze Silk Dress – £198

Can’t decide.  Gift vouchers are available now!

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