Behind the scenes – Ella Doran collaboration

New 2018 Summer collection in collaboration with Ella Doran is about to launch any day now.  This capsule collection of womenswear and accessories has been created with each designers distinctive prints which use strong colour and a bold sensibility onto simple shapes.

Nimbus Weekend bag

Taking a closer look at the collection and how the collaboration came about, Kirsteen gives us a glimpse behind the scenes of this summers collection.

The collaboration came about after I spoke to Ella at the Scotland Redesigned event in Glasgow.  I had admired Ella’s brand for some time as she was a pioneer in the use of digital print. I followed her brand and story as her company grew.
Our collection started with key prints that we thought would work together so the Scottish Sky with the Cityscape prints.  And peeling paint hackney with Peeling paint Orkney.  I started to apply these print to garment and accessory shapes and we discussed via email and over the phone as we were at different ends of the country. It would have been great to work together more so in the studio together and potentially this would be a great future plan but running our own businesses mean very busy calendars and getting those to coordinate was tricky.  I am excited to launch the collection after so much positive feedback and I can’t wait to see people wearing it!

Peeling Paint Purple Tunic Dress

Coming from two such contrasting places we wanted to show the similiarities that you find whether rural or city.  And that there is beauty all around you, you just need to take the time to look for those hidden things.  We have similar tastes in terms of the inspiration we find in every day life.

Nimbus Jacket in Silk Habotai

I was back and forth to London fairly regularly last year so each time I visited Ella’s studio.  If there is one thing I love its visiting practicing artists, designers, creatives spaces.  SO INSPIRING!  And Ella’s is very much about her work, her life, her taste and it was really exciting to see her future plans on mood boards.  I came away each time feeling energised.

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