Introducing Model Kes Andrews

We have been really lucky to have worked with a handful of amazing models from all around the country. We are also really lucky that we have an amazing model right here on our doorstep in Orkney. Kes is one of our local models and we have asked her to put together some words about who she is and what she does, we’ve added some of our favourite images ok Kes in to show you the natural beauty that she is.

“I am currently going into my fourth year at Heriot Watt University in the Scottish Borders studying printed textiles and design. I have always been interested in Art and Design even throughout school it was one of my strongest subjects.”

This is one of our favourite images of Kes’s work. It is absolutely beautiful.

you can have a look at her work on her instagram if you follow this link.

I am loving the minimalist look at the minute, which could be down to the fact I was in Finland last year for four months on an exchange. I don’t tend to get rid of my clothes I keep them for years and mix and match new with the old, I don’t particularly like fast fashion. However, I do like to have staples pieces such as a leather jacket and denim skirt etc. I am drawn to a few different styles like a slouchier look mixed with tailored. I have always loved the French look like Gabrielle Caunesil, I don’t want my outfits to seem too serious, I want it to look effortless, relaxed yet not too ‘thrown on’ haha. Pandora Sykes and Fearne cotton are both people I admire for their style and outfit choices, I just think they look amazing all the time! Most importantly I think the main person who has inspired me is my mum, when she was younger she would wear oversized t-shirts which I just always thought looked so cool.”

I do enjoy modelling it can be really fun, you get a little buzz after. I enjoyed drama in school when I was younger, so it just feels like I am acting, which I find quite exciting. I do have a few funny experiences modelling, one time I had my whole face covered in gold paint, sparkles the lot! After the shoot it wouldn’t come of my face with the baby wipes, so I had to walk to my car covered in this paint. In the car I was waiting at a roundabout and a car came beside me, the person glanced at me at first but then when we were both driving they just stared the whole way around, it did crack me up a bit! I also wore a whole top made from old (I swear they were clean) frilly pants and bras made by the wonderful Alannah Cooper that was one of my first ever photo shoots at University, was a laugh too! I felt very lucky to be asked by Kirsteen to model and getting the chance to wear a select few of her amazing printed pieces, it was a lot of fun.”

“Some of the things I love the most about Orkney is the scenery, exploring, catching up with friends and family and the sense of community it is a place that always draws you back.”

I think its fair to say that Kes is absolutely stunning and an incredibly talented young woman

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