Lockdown, Fitness and Wellbeing tips

Lockdown,  Fitness and wellbeing tips

As gleamed with a chat with Steven Logie, Strength 101 Gym

Steven Logie at Strength 101 Gym

One positive of lockdown has been that I am really enjoying getting to know people a little better while social distancing through facetime and zoom coffee breaks. 

Recently I spoke to Steven Logie (FYI has just completed his nutrition at the BT Academy training and launched online training & coaching platform) here are my top tips which I learned during our chat. 

Are you still wanting a link to the BTN academy?

Eat – Does anyone else feel that they have been constantly snacking during the lockdown period?  Its apparently to do with seeking comfort and having control of something in our lives right now. We can’t control the outside world but we can control our food and food right now is one of the things bringing joy – this made a lot of sense to me and my sudden need for all things sugar.  Sugary cravings can be a lack of calories and carbs in the diet which is our prime energy source.  It’s also our bodies preferred energy source. Steven also told me that my body was seeking the energy as I burning it all up with the constant thinking and planning for the unknown. 

Steven’s suggested altering my habits to help myself. For example packets of biscuits portion and wrap up in cling film to have with a tea break.  Which slows you down and makes you think what you are going and therefore eating. Another suggestion was to put the biscuits and sweets up on a higher shelf.  Again that little bit extra work and effort to reach them increases awareness. 

And food shopping.  Try not to order or go shopping when you are hungry and plan ahead if you can.  Make sure there is healthy and nutritious food on that list as well as the biscuits (note to myself here) 

Sleep – Sleep, Steven recommended is of great importance.  Poor quality sleep can result in craving more carbohydrates as your body is trying to push the energy. By keeping your days active your chances of sleeping well at night are greatly improved.  Stress and worry can prevent you from sleeping well so take some time away from social media and screens before bed.  For good quality sleep it is recommended to stay clear of screens for at least 90 mins before you go to sleep. The light that is given off by our screens has been proven to have a negative impact that affects our sleep. And get up in the morning.  Set that alarm, get up and shower. 

Exercise –  I have come to the conclusion after this length of time that I like to exercise around mid morning lunch time to break up the day get a boost of the good feelings coursing through my body before working in the afternoon.  Steven recommends at least exercising once a day but keeping moving through the day.  So take a break from your desk, table or chair and walk round and stretch.  Exercise and movement is really important in your younger years as it helps you as you get older as built in muscle memory. But it is never too late and there is never a better time to try something new.   So get up and get active any way you can.  You can find our more about Stevens class here. 

My other favourites are yoga with Anna Beata Yoga and I love a dance class to get the energy – type in dance like Beyoncé into google – you will not be sorry. 

Repeat – Routine is key.  Getting up by time, eating breakfast, making a plan of action for the day ahead, fitting in exercise and some time outside somewhere during the day.  Have lunch, make time to speak to others at some point. Have dinner and watch something or do something you love doing where possible   I feel that I am lucky as I have my two horses and pip the dog to care for and much of my routine is based around their needs. I am not recommending getting a pet at this time, in many ways its stressful enough, but looking after another can help and putting someone else needs is beneficial as long as it’s manageable. 

One key tip from myself if you start to struggle or feel down is to get outside this lifts my mood no end.  Being outside and seeing whats happening.  For me thats a walk down the beach which is always inspiring.  Another suggestion if you are feeling a bit stuck is to write a list of 4 things that you can do, pick one and just do it.  Don’t overthink it, just start.  Which is what lead me to start writing today.  

Same bed time and a time to wake up. Routine will help you through.

A little bit more from what Steven is up to right now “At the moment I am focusing on online coaching, mainly to help women lose body fat in a healthy sustainable way, with out giving up the foods they enjoy and with out spending loads of time working out. Big focus on nutrition and not punishing yourself to get results. Plans are bespoke to individual need. I am offering free consultations to make sure that we are a good match to work together and to help me understand where someone is in their journey to achieving the weight loss and lifestyle they want.“

A huge thank you to Steven, that conversation came about at the right time for me.  He is always inspiring, motivational and just kind, with a great knowledge and understanding.  Please take time to check out what he is doing and how he can help you here at www.strength101.co.uk

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