Incorporating colour into your wardrobe

Incorporating colour into your wardrobe

Hi! I’m Eilidh Warnock, a textile student from Stromness currently in my fourth year at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee. My work specialises in knitted fabric, though I have a passion for printing and weaving too. I enjoy using lots of colour and texture in my designs, and challenge myself to try out new palettes and techniques constantly.

I try to incorporate these aspects of my design process into what I wear, daring myself with new colours that I wouldn’t usually choose and trying to always have a pop of colour somewhere.

Colour can be daunting for some in a wardrobe, the idea of standing out so boldly in a neon pink jumpsuit does not appeal to everyone. Through wearing colour or something that compliments your skin tone and hair tint, it can really lift your mood and outlook. This is of course subjective depending on individual preferences and perspectives, so the best way to find your colour is to play and experiment to find which colours spark joy, and which ones don’t. Having fond memories of a specific colour or personal associations can impact on how you view that colour later in life, whether you love it or hate it. There’s a term called enclothed cognition, which illustrates how what you wear can directly influence your mood.

Beginning to incorporate colour doesn’t mean that you have to jump head first into a sunflower yellow jacket; neutral colours like khaki, camel, mustard and navy are all great starting points and bases. You can easily change up proportions of colour in an outfit, depending on your mood or confidence. There are subtle ways to gradually increase the colour in an outfit, whether that be through prints, accessories or even through makeup. 

The new flare print Kirsteen created has that perfect balance of bright and muted colour, a great way to begin incorporating colour pops into a more monochrome wardrobe. On the slip dress, this print looks effortlessly gorgeous!

Flare dress

A colourful bag or scarf can also really lift an outfit, for example the indigo print tote bag or clutch for those more keen to experiment with colour. If you’re looking for a pastel muted tone to feature, I think the Pier Arts Centre print collection is the perfect way to add an elegant touch, especially in the form of the raw edge tote bag.

Raw edge tote

For those who already love wearing colour and are looking to further the interest, it’s great to use harmonious colours (colours which sit beside one another in the colour wheel) and even complimentary colours (colours opposite one another in the colour wheel, like blue and orange or purple and yellow), if feeling brave! 

My favourite colours to be combining at the moment are bright and burnt oranges, warm yellow, sage green and khaki greens. I seem to have been gravitating toward these colours for a while now, as my wardrobe is bursting with them! I love to change up what I wear depending on what colour I have my hair, currently I’m loving wearing green to compliment my ginger tone.

From Eilidh’s vintage & new inspired wardrobe


Though of course, I think it’s best to wear colours that you are drawn to yourself, which spark joy and that you feel like yourself in. There’s no one answer as to what colour to wear, it’s completely unique to you!


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