Nature's Tapestry: A Night at Stromness Museum with Illustrator Britt Bichan

Nature's Tapestry: A Night at Stromness Museum with Illustrator Britt Bichan

 As old friends and fellow practitioners in the realm of art and design, Britt Bichan and I reunited for a memorable night at the Stromness Museum invited to work on a new collaboration to share the beauty and delights of the archive. 

A Shared Love of Nature

Britt and I both trace our passion for nature back to our fathers. Growing up, we were nurtured by the same love for the great outdoors, each instilled with an appreciation for the delicate wonders of the natural world. It was our fathers who led us on countless adventures through their work as a vet and farmer.  Exploring endless stretches of farmland, allowing us to develop a profound connection to nature's beauty.

Creative Journeys in Parallel

While our roots were firmly grounded in the same fertile soil of Orkney, our creative journeys branched out in different directions. Britt, with her extraordinary talent for illustration, ( ventured into the intricate world of landscape art, capturing the colours and details of each season and illustrations of all the characters (animals and human) who lived there. I, on the other hand, delved into the world of fashion design, seeking to weave the essence of nature into fabrics and garments.

As we followed our individual paths, we watched each other's careers blossom, offering support, inspiration, and encouragement. 

A Night at Stromness Museum

Our recent reunion at Stromness Museum was a merging of these shared inspirations. The museum, nestled in the heart of Stromness, is a local treasure of natural history, displaying a diverse collection of Orkney's flora and fauna. On this night in the museum's nature archive would serve as the muse for our creations.

Amidst the carefully considered exhibits, Britt and I used our creative skills to collect and capture information and stories.  Britt captured the characters of birds an animal life into illustrations from the museum's archive, while I translated  delicate seaweeeds, egg shells and butterflies designs onto fabric, fashioning them into accessories that exuded the spirit of Orkney's natural beauty.

A Fusion of Creativity

These collaborations are a fusion of intricate artistry and style. The intricate botanical prints, inspired by the museum's exhibits, breathed life into the fabrics. The delicate eggshells, feathers, and the essence of Orkney's butterflies, moths and birds became an integral part of each design.

20 Years of Friendship, Art, and Nature

Our friendship, which had blossomed over 20 years, had witnessed the growth of our creative endeavors and the highs and lows of running our own businesses. And this night at the Stromness Museum was a reminder of the enduring power of nature's inspiration and the beauty of friendships that stand the test of time.

In this convergence of art, friendship, and nature, we found that the threads that connected us were as timeless as the Orkney landscape itself, and like the mesmerising patterns in, our bond continued to flourish and expand.

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