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Kirsteen Stewart

Raw Edge Tote Bag

Raw Edge Tote Bag

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The Pier Arts Centre Raw edge tote bag.

This bag we love a lot and here’s why?

Its made from a beautiful fine quality leather, which ages well just like a fine wine. How do we feel about leather? Well, it's an amazing material that is also part of the waste from the food industry. It wears well and can be repaired if it should need so. Eventually, when its finished its life purpose it will biodegrade but if you care for it well, it can be passed down from you, to another, to another. ‘

  • its a practical size and shape - it can take your laptop, a pair of shoes, a baby kit.

  • each bag is slightly different from the next, so if you like individuality, this item is for you.
    This bag won’t change your life, but it will complement it.

As shown in the Gardiner print this bag is available print to order in all 6 of the prints designed to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Pier art Centre.
The 'Fareing' range is inspired by the Pier Arts Centre's building and Collection, and the streets of Stromness. Find out more about what the Pier Art Centre do here -<>
Allow 7 days for delivery - this bag is made especially for you. No waste, No excess living. Made in the UK.
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