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Kirsteen Stewart

Winsor and Newton coloured ink

Winsor and Newton coloured ink

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Good, old-fashioned drawing ink from our iconic little bottles. Fast-drying, water resistant and transparent - they can be used with a brush, dip pen or airbrush. We've created 26 colours, including Liquid Indian Ink - a water-based solution of traditional Chinese stick ink. All the colours are intermixable and you can overlay different colours for new effects and shades.

“Inks are my go to for transparent colour.  I love working with it to achieve a glass like reflection and strong colour combinations.  I always want every colour!”

Great when used with our free string print tutorial -


Colours available - Apple green, Emerald, Sunshine yellow, scarlet, vermilion, virdian, canary yellow, ultramarine, blue,  brilliant green, black

Bottle size 14ml

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