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Kirsteen Stewart

Spring Clean Clothes Swap ticket

Spring Clean Clothes Swap ticket

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Spring Clean CLOTHES SWAP 

Have you got lots of nearly new wedding and occasion outfits but you’d like to wear something new to you? Clothes Swap is back for a Spring clean edition. Kick start the new Year with a clear out and declutter.  Swap something out and get something new in return.  

Why clothes swap?
- Refresh your wardrobe: what an easy way to swap out some basics!
- Reduce fashion waste: your ‘trash’ is someone else’s treasure! Just because you no longer love your items doesn’t mean others won’t love them. Give them a new lease of life! Doing this saves unwanted items from landfill which is what we aim to prevent!
- Save money: with us, an early bird ticket is £12.50, leave with a few items and you’ve easily made your money back! Such an affordable way to get new clothes and pass on your old ones for others ❤️

How does the clothes swap work?
Purchase your ticket ahead of the event.  Numbers are limited for this day so don't delay, buy today. 
Bring your preloved items to the Strategy Collective Studio on Saturday 27nd Jan 10am (or drop them off a week before if you are feeling organised)

We will hand all pieces so that you can browse the 'shop' and choose something new in exchange for the same number of items you brought with you.  There is no cost or charge other than your ticket price.  Its a simple one for one swap.  You can also bring unwanted jewellery, accessories and shoes too. 

Please donate high quality items, beautiful items and come to swap till you drop! 👚👗👖
When you arrive we will give you a number of tickets to the same total as the number of items you bring. You can swap those tickets for any of the other swaps available.
If you have more than 10 items please drop off to Kirsteen in Kirkwall ahead of the event. PM for details. Accessories and shoes welcome.

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