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Kirsteen Stewart

Sleep lovers pyjama set

Sleep lovers pyjama set

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Sending you all BIG LOVE this year.

So we also spend quite a bit of time in our pyjamas last year.  Maybe even attended a couple of meetings or zoom calls in them. Relax! The trend is going to continue and that’s ok. So if you are not getting Dressed for Friday take your time and unwind in these super soft pyjama sets.

This print series from the Love Lock series based on the Ponts de Arts bridge bejewelled in padlocks fastened by lovers to declare their love for each other. Which I was really lucky to see in all its glory before the Paris Government removed 45 tons of padlocks!

But for this design I’ve given you big hears for big love. So don’t just wear your heart on your sleeve. Wear them head to toe and give that little bit of extra love to your bedroom routine!

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