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Kirsteen Stewart

Storm Scarf

Storm Scarf

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The seas around Orkney’s coastline are an enduring source of inspiration for Kirsteen Stewart and  Sheila Fleet jewellery . Elements are clear within many of her designs, in particular Sheila’s Storm collection; from dramatic waves as they smash against cliffs, to the ripples and movement of water as the tide ebbs and flows. This scarf is one of Sheila’s favourites, taking colour from the enamel used in the Storm collection. These grey, blue, white, and teal tones will complement a range of jewellery and outfits, but pair with a classic Storm necklace or a Lunar pendant in Lichen enamel for a particularly dramatic look.

About this collaboration:

This range of beautiful muslin scarves has been developed by Sheila Fleet and Kirsteen Stewart and is inspired by some of Sheila’s iconic jewellery collections. The two Orcadian designers had often discussed collaborating, and when the global pandemic forced a period of reflection and reset, the design partnership finally began. Taking inspiration from Sheila’s jewellery and some of Kirsteen’s artwork, the result is a contemporary fusion of ideas and creativity. From Wild Grasses to Sea & Surf, this is a beautiful selection of scarves, and a perfect match when worn with your Sheila Fleet jewellery.

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